Microsoft Campus Agreement School Agreement

It should be noted that the campus agreement does not cover all Microsoft products. As in the past, you have to buy these products from the IT purchasing team. We will have a selected agreement with Microsoft that will give us Microsoft products at a discounted price. We will renew the agreement all the time if there is the best value at UCL. (Please note: there are no server products included in the campus contract) Please note that Visio or Visual add-on options not included for cost reasons. These must be acquired as individual licences under the Select Plus agreement. The campus agreement is renewed each year in September. This means that the software is licensed under campus on all university machines and for home work rights for employees. However, there is no provision for student use, although students can access the software on the management system desktop. The latest versions for the above products are free, as they are covered by campus agreements. All employees and teachers are included in a campus license for Office 365.

The following units are subscribed for Windows OS and Core CALs for AD and Visio and/or Project server access. The campus now makes Office 365 available to staff and faculties as a central productivity tool. The campus agreement allows uCL to reinstall or install a windows operating system upgrade or downgrade version on any UCL computer with an existing Windows OEM or retail operating system license or on an Apple Mac. Self-built PCs only qualify if a valid Windows license with hardware components has been purchased. The campus agreement allows Mac users to install a copy of Windows with Parallels or Fusion on their computer. More information about using Microsoft software on Macs can be found on Microsoft`s website, where user sections with Software Assurance apply. Please destroy all media once you have installed the product. If you`ve downloaded an ISO file, you can mount it instead of burning it on the hard drive. For example, all Windows and Virtual Machine installations are available to run the latest Windows 10 operating system and connect to file storage and authentication services. Microsoft Campus Agreement or MSCA is a program designed to offer substantial discounts to students, teachers and staff at select universities who enter into an annual contract with Microsoft. (Windows XP Professional sold in some university stores already from 10.00 USD [2].) Each package available under the MSCA can only be purchased once. Once graduated, students can usually obtain permanent licenses for the acquired software.

The Microsoft software subscription service counts knowledge workers, but not light users. More information about the Microsoft Campus contract can be found with the IT purchasing team. Do not count student staff, including GSR/TA`s working in a subscribed department/department/unit. You can use existing media you currently own, provided you`ve received them from an approved Microsoft source (for example. B of an IT purchasing team). Availability/price can be found on the pages of the software database. If not, please contact us. The annual fee paid under the Campus agreement allows you to use the latest version of the products granted. It also covers future upgrades to these products during the duration of your contract. You can use all previous versions of this software. The campus agreement allows current Cornell University employees, teachers and affiliates to download selected Microsoft Windows desktop systems and install them for free on computers at Cornell University and its affiliated institutions.