Have Caused This Agreement To Be Executed In Duplicate

Notwithstanding any provisions to the contrary contained in the Agreement, each party shall have the right. B and the possibility of terminating the contract at any time after the expiry of . B 1st month of its duration by sending to the owner 5 days before the written notification of such termination. If Party 1 decides to terminate the lease in accordance with this option. B Part 1 z.B. will peacefully evacuate the destroyed premises and hand over ownership to Party 2 upon the expiration of those five days, and from that date of termination, neither party shall have any additional liability or commitment to the other party under this Agreement, with the exception of debts arising out of the Contract from that date of termination. (b) The facts that explain the existence of the above-mentioned circumstances must be established by a competent authority. B from Ukraine. As a general rule, the legal requirements of the parties, as indicated as follows: Part 1 a legal person (registered / founded / founded) according to the laws of the [country] on [date] with registration No.___ as [limited company / private limited liability company / subsidiary / subsidiary / subsidiary / subsidiary / joint venture / joint venture / partnership / representation, etc.], whose legal address is as follows: [legal/postal address, including building/housing number, street, city/Land, postal code, country] duly represented by [name and title of representative] acting on the basis of [legal document, i.e. .