Extended Warranty Replacement Agreement

The customer wishes to acquire one or more of the extended services (hereafter referred to as “services”) for certain Lantronix products (hereafter referred to as “products”). Before considering a service contract, make sure you know what your warranty coverage is. Compare warranty coverage with the service contract to determine if a supplement is the beneficiary of the additional coverage. We have the only way to repair or replace your product, with a similar type, quality and specifications. If it is more economical to replace your product instead of repairing it, the original product (subject to the limits set in the appropriate warranty plan) will be replaced by a similar product. Due to technological advances, the replacement product may have a lower retail value than the original product. If the original product is replaced, this contract expires from the replacement date. This contract is automatic: (i) after the expiry of the term of this contract, (ii) in the event of a replacement of the product if it is not repaired economically, or (iii) in the event of a written notification of termination of this contract within 30 days of the initial purchase of this contract, depending on the date above. More than likely, these locations are independent companies that want to sell you extended warranties – specifically service contracts – that often sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

If you answer a call from an advanced warranty business-pitching, you`ll probably hear high-pressure sales tactics as well as requests for personal financial information and a down payment before receiving details of the service contract. And if you buy a service contract, you may find that the company behind it will not be in business long enough to fulfill its obligations. Be skeptical about emails and phone calls warning that the warranty on your car expires soon. The companies behind the letters and calls can give the impression that they represent your dealer or car manufacturer. With phrases such as Motor Vehicle Notification, Final Warranty or Notice of Interruption, they try to make the offer urgent – and get you to call a free number for more information. Examine before you buy. An extended warranty, sometimes called a service contract, service contract or maintenance contract, is an extended warranty that is offered to consumers in addition to the standard warranty for new items. The extended warranty can be offered by the warranty manager, distributor or manufacturer.