Belfast Agreement Nobelpreis

“The solution will not be found on the basis of a victory for both, but on the basis of an agreement and partnership between the two. Northern Ireland Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney used the fable of the hedgehog and the fox to describe our two laureates and the difference between them. “John Hume is the hedgehog who knew the great truth that justice had to be done,” he wrote. David Trimble, for his part, “is the fox who knew many things, but who had the intellectual lucidity and political courage to know that 1998 was the time to advance unionism towards an agreement with reasonable and honourable nationalist aspirations. It has thus opened up the possibility for all the citizens of Northern Ireland to have a desirable and credible future.” When he was elected head of Northern Ireland`s traditionally largest Ulster Unionist Party (UUP), Trimble was a relative newcomer to high politics. Known as an intransigent unionist, he quickly showed that he had other political aspects and clearly felt that the situation required more flexible attitudes on the part of unionists. Under his leadership, enough fear and mistrust was overcome to allow a majority of trade unionists to rally behind the Good Friday Agreement. I hardly need to add that Trimble has also been harshly criticized for its conciliatory approach. As chairman of the traditionally dominant party in Northern Ireland, David Trimble has shown great political courage in engaging in a critical phase of the process in favour of solutions that have resulted in the peace agreement. .